12AWG Hook up Wire Kit - 600V Tinned Stranded Silicone Wire of 2 Different Colors x 3m (10 ft) each

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2 Colors of Stranded 12AWG Wires - Each wire has 680 strands of 0.08 mm diameter copper.

Stranded wire is more flexible than its solid core counterparts of equal size and is ideal for electronic projects that require frequent movement such as robot arms.

See description for more details about the product.

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Hook-Up Wire Kit

12 AWG Stranded Core

Stranded Core Hook-up Wires are more flexible than solid core wire of equal size, making them perfect for wiring circuits on frequently moving parts like robot arms.

Kit Includes:

• 2 x hook-up wire rolls (black, red)
• 60 x wire ties / 10 per color (black, white, red, blue, green, yellow)
• 1 x heat shrink tube set (black, red, yellow)
• 1 x mini wire stripper
• 8 x ring connectors
• 2 x adhesive tapes (black, red)
• 1 x box casing

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Plusivo Hook-Up Wires are assorted in colors for easy identification and color-coding. The wires are contained in a box casing to keep your workspace organized.

Bonus items include a mini wire stripper, heat shrink tubes, ring connectors, insulating tapes, and wire ties.




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